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Fund My Dental
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Need dental treatment done urgently? We help you get the right treatment you need quickly.

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Your dentist tells you need some dental treatment done immediately. Bummer! Sign up instantly for the $39 weekly plan with a limit of up to $1000 and only pay $39 today. We will organise a direct debit for the small interest free weekly payments so you dont have to worry! Just $39 this week and each week after until your balance is paid off with no hidden costs! Simple!
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It’s easy! Simply sign up with your basic details in under a minute to get started.
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Choose the $39 or $79 payment plan and enter your direct debit details for instant confimration.
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That’s it! You are now ready to commence your dental treatment and start smiling.

Questions? Simply read through our comprehensive FAQ.

Ready to get your dental treatment underway?

Ready to get your dental treatment underway?

We believe everyone should be able to access dental treatment when they need it. This is why we help you finance the treatment you need. Getting started is quick and easy and the application process takes less than 60 seconds.